About Us

Who we are

Bolton Scientific is a leading company in manufacturing & supplying to the research sectors and having rich experience in high quality analytical and medical instruments.

Bolton Scientific produces top quality instruments assured by the highly qualified engineers, well-trained experienced production team equipped with the latest machinery. From engineering design to product final inspection, all processes are subject to the strictest controls. The entire products are ISO9001 registered and CE certified. Its products meet the requirements of all relevant national and almost all the international standards.

Bolton Scientific has been and will continue taking aggressive and innovative approach in product development and manufacture using our proven expertise and the latest technology.

Bolton Scientific provides products and services to our customers worldwide through distributors. Bolton Scientific Limited is dedicated first and foremost to the production of the highest quality products to meet the needs and demands of our customers while achieving an acceptable return on investment. This will be realized both internally and externally by continuous communication between management, employees, suppliers, customers and community, and by ongoing improvement of processes, systems, equipment and use of human resources.